First published 12th August 2018 at

Unsurprisingly, these two questions are cracking predictors of whether someone will actually stay or leave your organisation:

1) Are you currently committed to staying with the company?
2) Do you believe you are likely to still be with the company in two years time?

Also unsurprisingly, these two questions aren’t being asked by the vast majority of organisations more than once a year. But why not? If someone was thinking of dumping me I’d want to know. Are they worried about the response? Do they think it’s a job for HR? Or they’re just not being asked themselves? Whatever the reason, it’s not happening enough, and talent is leaving for pastures new.

If someone was thinking of dumping me, I’d want to know.

If we can’t get organisations to take this seriously, maybe it’s time the responsibility is flipped. Imagine if there was enough #trust in an organisation, a commitment to radical #transparency, where employees could tell their managers exactly how they feel without the fear of any blow-back. They could TELL their manager:

1) I’m not currently committed to staying with the company
2) I believe it’s unlikely I’ll be with the company in two years time

Now that would throw the cat amongst the pigeons! Imagine the whir of senior management if your top performers are telling you things aren’t 100%. But remember this is a good thing. Because if there’s an issue, you’d prefer to deal with it immediately rather than wait until someone has one foot out the door. It’s pretty hard (and expensive) to change someone’s mind once they’ve decided to leave. And, in my opinion, you’ve already lost them.

So no one likes breakups. But like all relationships, you have to work on them and the foundation of any relationship is open communication. So I challenge managers and leaders to ask their team these two simple questions. What do you have to lose?